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The importance of healthy sex life

For many people, sexual intercourse is an intimate and essential act between a couple, as well as a practice that preserves the species. However, nature is very wise and sexuality not only gives us the ability to show love or pleasure, but also for the well-being of the whole organism. The best way to reach climax is barcelona escorts vip, where the sexiest women will take care of your pleasure.

A study published in the British Medical Journal evaluated 1,000 men, aged 45 to 59, for about 10 years. Those who had sexual activity 2 or more times a week had half the deaths, compared to those who had a lower frequency. On the other hand, research by psychologist David Weeks of the Royal Hospital of Edinburgh determined that having sex 3 or more times a week could be a way to stay young, prolonging life by 10 years. This, after interviewing 3,500 people who appeared to be underage at their age.


Wild women into the wilderness

When a person knows the pleasure of truth, which only a woman is skilled and professional can provide, the safer it is to want to repeat time and time again. Obviously, in the event that that person is not your partner, you’re going to have to save, but you can be sure that it is an investment without any risk because the success is assured. To do this, it is best to resort to specialized websites such as, which have a catalogue tremendously full with women of all styles, but with one thing in common: they love sex.

It is clear that some women are born with a gift, or simply genetics is very generous with them. At the end of the day, the natural beauty is one of the great assets of planet Earth. The aesthetic is a trait highly valued in today’s society and be accompanied by a woman lush is a factor that is very relevant at the time of obtaining social prestige. Go to a party or a social event with a beauty from the maximum caliber is something that is within the reach of very few people, and those who have known the sweetness of victory knows that there is that to take advantage of all possible opportunities to have a good time with a phenomenal woman.


Mujer sola

¿Por qué tienes ese estado civil? ¿Has pensado que tal vez tú, inconscientemente, estás haciendo algo para seguir así? Revisa los puntos que te damos a continuación, y si has caído en uno de ellos, es momento de rectificar; sin embargo si te prefieres continuar sin novio, te gustará leer: ‘razones para seguir soltera’.

Aléjate del sofá. Muchas mujeres se quejan de estar solteras, pero se pasan todo el día acostadas en el sofá o no salen de sus casas ¿Qué es más importante: escuchar las últimas noticias de los famosetes, ver videos porno, hacerte escorts lujo o tener sexo en el coche? Si tu respuesta es la primera, no tienes esperanza.